Revising Custody And Support Orders

Family law judgments can be modified depending on the circumstances. These can be areas such as child support, child custody and alimony orders. Generally, there must be a substantial change in circumstances; however, each type of order differs. Whether you have lost your job or plan on moving to another state, an experienced family law attorney can seek modification on your behalf.

With offices in Hartford and Brookfield, the law firm of Zaslow & Sandler, LLC offers over 35 years of combined experience helping people resolve their family law matters. We understand that life constantly changes. We can sit down and discuss with you whether your judgment is modifiable. If modifiable, we can then help you petition for a modification that fits your needs and goals.

Child Support Modifications

Child support is dictated by state child support guidelines, a standard formula that examines factors such as both parties' incomes and earning capacities. In Connecticut, there is a rebuttable presumption that child support cannot be modified unless there is a 15 percent request to increase or decrease the support amount. This can be rebutted with the assistance of our experienced post-judgment modification lawyers.

Modifications, and reasons for the modification, come in many different packages. One parent may have lost their job and can no longer meet the obligations. One parent may have received a large salary increase. One parent may have an earning capacity to which he/she is not meeting. There are a myriad of factors to examine, and our experienced lawyers can help assess post-judgment modification issues with you.

In certain circumstances, the judgment may state how and when child support can be modified. A prior court may have barred child support modification or specifically stated the circumstances in which modification is acceptable. These factors are all considered in child support modification requests.

Child Custody Modifications

The best interests of the child is always the standard in child custody and visitation issues. In terms of child custody modification, each case is unique as each child and each child's circumstances are different. Is there a situation where a parent needs to relocate? Are a child's new developmental needs not being met under the existing parenting plan? Have the family dynamics changed since the entry of the last court orders? These are a few situations in which a post-judgment modification may be required. We can assist to discuss the changes in circumstance, the best interests of your child, and what the law can/cannot allow.

Alimony Modifications

Modifying alimony is always dependent upon what the order or agreement states. Alimony is only modifiable to the extent that the original judgment allows; the existing order may even completely bar modification. Our attorneys can review the judgment and make the best argument possible on your behalf.

If a judgment is modifiable, then certain qualifications must be met. This is usually a substantial change in factors such as income, money, health or special needs of a child. Alimony may be reduced or increased either by the amount, term or both.

Find Out The Options Available To You

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