Serving Parent Coordinators In Child Custody Cases

When it comes to child custody matters, both parents may have specific goals in mind. Finding common ground may seem impossible, as each issue will require give and take. Parents need to keep the best interests of their children in the forefront of their discussions, but this can be difficult when each side believes strongly in his or her requested outcome.

It is important to find someone who can help you and your ex-spouse focus on the issues that need to be resolved. Some couples may wish to use a parenting coordinator to facilitate discussions concerning custody of, and parenting issues for, the children. A parenting coordinator works with both sides to reach an agreement on custody and parenting plans that stand a better chance of lasting into the future.

At Zaslow & Sandler, LLC, we can serve as parenting coordinators for families who have had difficult custody cases. We pledge to handle your case with care and compassion, and work with parents to find the best possible agreement that allows you parents to remain the primary decision-makers for their children.

What Happens During Parent Coordination?

In a parenting coordination session, our attorney will act as a facilitator, information gatherer, educator, and mediator for you and your co-parent. We examine the outstanding issues that have to be discussed, and then find means to resolve the outstanding items.

The ultimate goal is to reach an agreement without resorting to court to litigate the case inside the courtroom. Parent Coordinators do not represent either side in the session, or in any subsequent mediation or litigation. We encourage you to speak openly about your concerns during the coordination session, as it is your opportunity to create a custody plan that is in you and your child's best interests.

How To Discuss Our Parent Coordinator Services

If you and your co-parent are interested in parenting coordination, call our office at 860-956-5693 or 866-676-0364 toll free. You may also send us an email. We have offices conveniently located in Brookfield and Hartford.