Finding Solutions To Complex Property Division Matters

Debt and property division is often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. This is especially true if you and your spouse have a complex arrangement of assets, including 401(k)s, business assets, large investment accounts and pensions. By hiring an attorney familiar with complex property division, you can ensure the protection of both your rights and your best interests.

At Zaslow & Sandler, LLC, our lawyers have more than 35 years of combined legal experience representing individuals with complex marital assets. We understand our clients' concerns and are committed to providing comprehensive legal representation designed to help them meet their property division goals.

What Makes Property Division Complex?

When it comes to dividing debts and assets during a divorce, no two cases are alike. In fact, the varying amount of assets and the distribution of these assets can make the process extremely difficult. In these situations, it is of vital importance to locate and valuate all marital property. It is also vitally important to understand the financial impact and tax consequences of your decisions. We help with many different issues that may arise during the division of property, including:

  • Determining which property is subject to division, including any self-employment or business income
  • Assessing the value of the property and debts that must be divided between the parties
  • Evaluating the options available to the couple concerning the marital home or mortgage of the marital home
  • Assisting with any spousal support requests that may be necessary due to the divorce

We serve as dedicated advocates during the dissolution of marriage process. We always take the time to explain all aspects of property division, address any concerns and ensure our clients have the necessary information to make prudent legal decisions. Whenever necessary, we retain the services of financial experts and forensic accountants to aid in our case preparation. Whatever your circumstances, we are committed to helping you obtain a favorable resolution.

Helping You Focus On Your Future

To learn more about complex property division and how your pre-marital and martial assets will affect your divorce, please schedule a consultation with an experienced family law attorney at Zaslow & Sandler, LLC. Call us at 860-956-5693 or 866-676-0364 toll free. You may also contact us online. We have offices in Hartford and Brookfield.