What Should You Do If You Are Under Investigation By The Department Of Children And Families (DCF)?

Child protection cases typically involve the Department of Children and Families — DCF (sometimes referred to as Child Protection Services — CPS). Whether you should cooperate with DCF depends on your particular facts and circumstances. We suggest retaining the services of an experienced lawyer with a background handling child protection matters.

Located in Hartford, Brookfield, the attorneys at Zaslow & Sandler, LLC, have extensive experience representing clients throughout Connecticut in child protection matters involving DCF. Our experience extends to petitions and orders of temporary custody pending at the Superior Court for Juvenile Matters as well as substantiation hearings/investigations and central registry involving the Department of Children and Families.

Top Three Things You Should Do If You Are Being Investigated By DCF

  • Get the name of the social worker and inquire about the allegations. Take notes and write down as much as you can either during the conversation or immediately afterwards. Do not necessarily respond to the allegations.
  • Provide the name, contact information, Social Security number and date of birth of relatives for the children if they will need to be placed in another environment.
  • Seek representation immediately. As previously stated, your level of cooperation is dependent on the facts and circumstances of DCF's investigation. You should seek legal counsel to ensure you don't jeopardize your position. For example, an inquiry about a bruise a child received from a bike accident is different from an inquiry concerning abuse or neglect. Remember, you are not required to speak with DCF prior to seeking legal representation. DCF may remove your child for 96 hours without ever making an application for temporary custody. Time is of the essence; call ASAP.

How To Get Our Experienced Team On Your Side

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