Helping You Protect Your License In DCF Cases

If you are a teacher, day care provider, nurse or other type of health care provider being investigated by the Department of Children and Families (DCF), you face potentially serious consequences, especially if you are a foster parent. You could have your foster parent licensure taken away or be placed on the DCF Central Registry. This has serious implications for your employment future. The experienced DCF investigations attorneys at Zaslow & Sandler, LLC, can advocate for your rights and represent you at the administrative hearing.

Our lawyers have over 30 years of combined legal experience in defending parents charged with DCF allegations and handling related DCF employment issues. Our goal is to help keep you off the DCF registry, in order to protect your employment future.

DCF Central Registry: Permanent Impact On Employment

DCF investigations can lead to being placed on the DCF Central Registry. If, after an investigation, the DCF substantiates that there was neglect or abuse committed, you have the right to a substantiation hearing. At this administrative hearing, the DCF could substantiate the findings and also place you on the DCF Central Registry.

Placement on the DCF Central Registry creates many problems. You would become ineligible for employment in child care, education or health care throughout the state of Connecticut. You could lose current employment over this status. You may even lose custody or visitation with your children. We can provide strong representation for you at this administrative hearing. We will seek to get allegations dropped and keep you off the DCF Central Registry.

Foster Care Licensure

As a foster parent, your main concern is being there for your children and being able to provide them with the care they deserve. The ability to do this is threatened if you are investigated by the DCF. For example, a child may have been removed from your home because they had difficulties and required special attention elsewhere. This can automatically trigger a DCF investigation as well as notification of foster care license suspension. You have a right to an administrative hearing. We can represent you and advocate for your rights and seek to maintain your licensure.

Ready To Defend Your License

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